Hublot Replica or IWC Replica – Which One to Choose?

Hublot is a new brand and it does not have so long history as other brands. But relying on its own strength, it does not only master complicated techniques in making watches, but also shapes its own styles and grows up quickly. A great deal of people become Hublot’s fans.

Extraordinary design on the appearance contributes a great to the rise of Hublot, so the look of the Classic Fusion we are talking about is outstanding. Titanium material and black dial seem to be regal while it maintains its practical purposes in the daily life. Finally, a Hublot-made movement is another thing that Hublot tries to highlight. The movement can works for long as 90 hours and the watch guarantees a 50 meters’ depth of water resistance. To balance the classic ultra-thin appearance, we could see the Hublot’s fashion design and amazingly watch-making skills on the inner structure, which presents a perfect criterion for integrating tradition and modernization.

When it comes to the IWC, the IWC Ingenieur, looking its appearance, gives us a sturdy feel, and the carbon steel seems to be energetic for young men. Five steel screws in the out bezel is extraordinary arresting, which increase the recognition of IWC Ingenieur. The carbon steel gives birth to a good-looking appearance. The crown and crown protection on the left case makes it more solid and, of course, heavier.

The IWC PortofinoIW544504 is a graceful watch. 18k gold spears to be noble while the deep grey can reflects the grace of a mature man. Besides, the moon phase makes bearer a man with good taste. The Breguet hands looks delicate. Finally, an excellent Cal.98800 home-made movement is a strong support for the watch. Even it keeps soaring up, but giving its performance, it deserves. Although the frequency is not so powerful, considering that this is a manual winding movement, such a frequency is good.