Your girl-hearted sniper – Pink Panther onesies pajamas

     Thankfully, Mr Kawaii did not disappoint. Kigurumi is one of the most popular fashions in the world and originated in Japan. That’s not surprising, since Japan has paved the way for introducing the world to our favorite animated characters, Tokusatsu (the special-effects, live action series) and Kaijus (the Japanese word for monster). These Japanese artists have long been known for their rich imagination and world-class artistic standards. Japanese culture has been warmly welcomed around the world, with young audiences around the world giving them unwavering support by watching anime, movies, manga and buying other goods.

Kig Urumqi was originally designed to provide costumes for performers, who often appear in theme parks. These people wear full-body suits or costumes, including masks that cover their entire head. Although Kigurumi can be categorized into many categories, in general, Kigurumi is also classified as a form of cosplay. We might mistake Kigurumi people for work clothes — but they aren’t. The word “Kigurumi” literally means wearing a stuffed toy in Japanese, and the costume is plush, very soft and sometimes furry.

     How did Kigurumi cross over to the western part of the hemisphere? The craze reached the Western realm including the UK, US, Russia, and Australia in 1999. The first two shops which created the Animegao (masked characters) masks were Dolphin Factory and Build up Studio Sigma both in Japan. It is also believed that one of the western Kigurumi forerunners is Yuri Tsukino, she started in 2000. Kigurumex, the first Kigu group in Mexico and Latin America started in 1998. Hikarinaka is one of the pioneers of spreading the Kigurumi trend in Russia, she started out in 2006.

Aside from the relevant figures mentioned above, the continuous worldwide spread of the Kigurumi trend can be credited to the conventions happening in different parts of the world., Anime North is one of the biggest conventions of Kigurumi enthusiasts in Northern America.

Currently, Kigurumis are slowly being recognized as a streetwear and no longer just a costume. The Kigurumi is no longer limited to just anime characters, there is a vast array of designs to choose from, adorable cartoon characters and cute animals designs are available in almost all online shops and physical stores. Japan’s rich character tradition brought the world a lot of eccentric and interesting part and parcel of their culture. Thanks to these Japanese artists, the rest of the world can experience the fun of wearing Kigurumis today. Arigatōgozaimashita!

Pink Panther, also known as the Naughty Panther or The Pink Naughty Panther, is a family cartoon character who first appeared in the opening credits of the 1963 live-action movie “The Oolong Cha,” but audiences immediately fell in love with him. The following year, creator Friz Freleng first produced a seven-minute animated short called The Pink Phink, which allowed The previously silent cheeky leopard to walk under The name “Pink Panther”.

The charm of the pink panther probably lies in that its tender pink appearance can always arouse women’s strong girly heart. A room full of girly heart people must not have the pink Pink panther, the pink panther’s quilt, the pink panther’s curtain, the pink panther’s carpet and so on. In short, everything you see may be pink. The only thing left in your room is a pink Panther Kigurumi onesie. What are you hesitating about? It’s a choice you’ll never regret.

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